Mission Statement

At University Entry Etc. are values are clear:

Confidentiality: We will never disclose confidential information unless we are given informed consent to do so.  This position will not change unless there is clear evidence of serious risk to the client or other parties.

Impartiality: We will provide you with objective advice over any other external pressures or factors.  Our professional judgement will be objective and we will not compromise on the impartiality of the careers advice provided to our clients. Our promise is that we will always provide you with the best advice that is in your best interest.

Personal Integrity:  We have a duty of care at University Entry Etc. both to you and ourselves.

Equal Opportunities: At University Entry Etc. we always promote equality.  All of our clients will be treated equally regardless of their race, gender, religious beliefs or age.

Accessibility and Accountability: At University Entry Etc. we try to promote a wide range of services to meet the needs of all potential clients.  We are accountable for any advice we provide.

Professional Development: At University Entry Etc. we take pride in maintaining our professional competence and knowledge.  This is completed on a regular basis through continuous professional development and reflective practice. 

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