Medical School and Dentistry

Getting into Medical School and Dentistry

Why do you want to become a doctor? Do you have what it takes to become a doctor/dentist? Do you possess the academic commitment to become a doctor/dentist?

These are just some of the questions our advisors at University Entry Etc. will ask you. We will assess your abilities, challenge your thinking and help you research the profession. Applying to medical school is very competitive and there are always more qualified applicants than the number of places available.

The process of applying to medical school is lengthy and requires you take the time to carefully research the courses available. Our UEE advisors will assist with this process and help you to understand the type of courses offered in the UK.

 Medical Schools:

There are over 32 UK medical schools that offer standard courses (including graduate entry). These courses last between five and six years and will lead to a qualification in medicine. On your UCAS application you can only apply to four medical schools so it is very important to select each medical school after extensive research and advice.

What type of medical course would suit you best?

• Problem Based Learning
• Integrated or Systems Based
• Subject Based

Work Experience:Our advisors at UEE will help you find a medics programme that suits your learning.

Our advisors at UEE will help to secure you some work experience which is an essential part of becoming a doctor. This might be with a local hospital or another health care provider.


Most medical schools ask you to study A-levels in specific subjects and that you obtain at least AAA or in the case of Cambridge A*AA. Your previous qualifications are also important and will be considered alongside the rest of your application.

Personal Statements:

Your personal statement is a vital element of the application process. Many medical/dentistry schools will score your personal statement and compare it to other applicants. Our advisors at UEE will work closely with you to help tell your story. Your statement needs to explain why you wish to become a doctor as well as displaying your interest in academia.

Should you wish to see some examples of personal statements, please contact us for further details.

Admissions Tests:

Medical schools require that you sit the UKCAT or BMAT tests. These are used by medical schools as a selection tool to filter out their applicants. It is important to remember that these admissions tests, while vital, are not the only factors which admissions tutors use to consider your application.

If you consider applying to Oxford or Cambridge you will need to sit the UKCAT and the BMAT test. Our advisors will discuss this process with you in extensive detail as you can only sit these tests once for the year of university entry.

At University Entry Etc. we cannot guarantee you a place at medical school/dentistry, but if you follow our guidance and advice we will aim to maximise your possible chance of being accepted.

Should you wish to find out more, please contact our advisors today.

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