The Morrisby profile is a series of 12 tests that is designed to measure aptitude, learning style and aspects of your personal working style.  The Morrisby Profile is a UK market leader and recognised worldwide.

At University Entry Etc. we use the test for development and career guidance, but it can also be used as a selection tool for recruitment activities.

The test is taken in two stages:

  • Your career interest questionnaire
  • Paper and pencil assessments; which involves 12 exercises: 8 ability, 4 personal style. Taken during a profiling session run by University Entry Etc.

At UEE we are pleased to be able to offer the following services with the Morrisby Profile:

  • Comprehensive and personal feedback on the Morrisby Profile aptitude and personality measures. You will be given a tailored report based on your own career interests and abilities.
  • Detailed feedback on the Morrisby Careers Questionnaire
  • Individualised career suggestions based on abilities, personality, interests and likely qualifications.
  • Access to the Morrisby website to conduct further career research and guidance

The Morrisby Profile is especially helpful to students who are not clear about their career intentions. The MP will make suggestions of career choices based on your interest and ability.

The Morrisby Profile is regularly reviewed and registered by the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC), a division of the British Psychological Society (BPS). Our advisors at University Entry Etc. will help you to find your career direction.

To book your Morrisby Profile or request further information contact University Entry Etc. today.

We are an accredited UK centre and have a licence to run the Morrisby Profile. Click on the following link below to try a number of practice questions: Morrisby Practice Test 

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