Oxbridge is a collective term to describe the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. Each strives to be at the pinnacle of academic excellence and therefore has high expectations from any prospective applicant.  The process of application is highly competitive and arguably the most competitive out of all universities in the UK. It also includes several additional processes that you should be aware of.

Cambridge and Oxford are two universities that are highly selective. This means these two special institutions are not categorised in the same group as: Russell Group, 1994 Group, Million +, Cathedrals Group.  Cambridge and Oxford are looking to recruit students who are very bright and can show a high level of academic attainment.  Cambridge and Oxford will look at your previous grades (GCSE or equivalent level) and current course of study (usually A-level or IB).  You will need to be achieving grades that are A or A* in all three of your subjects.  However getting good grades is not enough. Cambridge and Oxford look for additional aspects to determine a future “Oxbrite”

Please see some of the following processes involved when applying to Oxbridge. At University Entry Etc. we will guide you through every stage of the process so you do not feel overwhelmed.

Process Date
Finalise course and college choice June-July
Visit college open days Late June (Oxford); early June (Cambridge)
Write personal statement draft June-July
Prepare and revise for admissions tests July-August
Finalise and submit UCAS application to Oxford or Cambridge. September – 15th October
Complete additional documentation required by colleges November
Interview process December
Applicant notified if successful December- January

 What can University Entry Etc. do for you? 

  • Help you to decide the right course (e.g. PPE or HSPS)
  • Advise you on the right college
  • Give you expert guidance with your personal statement
  • Extensively support you with the applications process
  • Help you apply for scholarships
  • Advise you on admissions tests
  • Support you with university interviews

We help your application to stand out from the rest; giving you the best possible chance of gaining acceptance.  We cannot guarantee that you will be given an offer, but we will use over seven years of experience and professional skills to give you the best possible advice.

It must be appreciated that applying to Cambridge or Oxford is a complex process and we have outlined the salient points for you to consider.  You must be serious about applying to Cambridge or Oxford as the application process is lengthy and may not lead to a successful outcome, regardless of your strong academic profile.

Your personal statement, as with any application, is extremely important when applying to Cambridge or Oxford. You need to demonstrate, with evidence, a high level of academic commitment to your subject area. Have you conducted any wider research outside of your A-level subjects?

At University Entry Etc. we ask that if you do decide to apply to Cambridge or Oxford, you will make a promise to show 100% commitment.

Contact use today for further advice on how we can support your Oxbridge application.  If you are not sure where to start we will send you our complimentary copy of your starter reading list.

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