Clearing is a UK educational selection service that available every year from July– September every year once your A-level or IB results have been released. The purpose of Clearing is to help you find a university place if you have not achieved high enough grades for your firm or insurance choice.

The process of Clearing can be a stressful time, for you, but University Entry Etc. will be available to guide you through the process every step of the way.

Consider the following example of student A, who needed high grades to meet the conditions of his offer: 

University Choices Offer Achieved Grade
Firm Choice ABB CCC
Insurance Choice BCC CCC

In the above example student A will be eligible for Clearing and will need the help of our advisors at UEE.

Each year there are over 30,000 university spaces available  during Clearing.  At UEE we are confident that we will be able to find you a university place that is the right fit.  At this point we will be working with you to contact universities who will have vacancies in your chosen subject area.  If you wish, you can also change your subject choice, but we will advise you accordingly.

During Clearing, UCAS updates the university course vacancies on a daily basis as places at popular universities can fill up very quickly.  We will need to work quickly in order to secure your university place.  At UEE we care about your future and will provide you with extensive support so that you will feel at ease.

Our UEE advisors will present you with a number of university vacancies for which you meet the entry requirements.

For further details on the facts about Clearing, click on the following link:

What do I do if I have no university offers?

UCAS: Clearing Facts

It is important to point out that there are a number of universities that do not participate in the Clearing scheme.  Cambridge, Oxford, LSE and Medical Schools do not accept students in this way due to their own special selection procedures.

Should you need help or guidance with Clearing contact one of our advisors for further support, today.

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