Firm and Insurance Choices

Once all of your five university choices have made a decision on your application you will be able to “reply to your offers”.  Our advisors at University Entry Etc. will help to advise you with your firm and insurance choice.  Briefly put you will only be able to select two universities of the five universities you originally applied.

Firm Choice

Your firm choice is the university course of your preferred choice; it’s your first choice.  When selecting the firm choice we recommend that this choice is higher than any of your other offers. If you are currently studying A-level or IB, your offer is likely to be conditional.

Insurance Choice

Your insurance choice is your second favourite university course. Normally the insurance choice is lower than your firm choice.

In summary if you obtain the grades required by your firm choice, AAB, then you will be placed with that institution.  However, if your grades do not meet the requirements of your firm choice, sometimes by one grade, and providing you meet the requirements of your insurance choice you will be placed with your second choice. 

Our advisors at UEE will be monitoring your application at regular intervals and will provide you with appropriate advice and guidance.  We will help you understand your position so that you can make an informed decision concerning your future.

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