Personal Statements

The personal statement is one part of the application process that admissions tutors use in order to decide whether to offer you a place at university. It causes students some worry, but this does not have to be the case as University Entry Etc. are here to guide you through the process.

Our advice is based on the principle that you need to clearly demonstrate, with evidence, why you think you should be given a place at university.

UEE will help you find your story and make your personal statement unique. Please be advised that we will not write the statement for you and it must be your own work.  You will need to produce several drafts of your statement before you reach the final version. We will make as many corrections to your personal statement as necessary. Many of our students do not speak English as a first language so we will ensure that that statement is free of careless spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

UEE provide the following tips when writing your personal statement:

  • Discuss your degree choice: Admissions tutors will want to see students who are enthusiastic about their chosen courses and how you relate the course to achieving your desired goals.
  • Transferable Skills: University life makes rigorous depends on students.  Show that you have the self-discipline, motivation, hard work and commitment to succeed. You will need to provide evidence of these qualities.
  • Career Aspirations: It is always helpful to admissions tutors to state what you hope to do following your degree programme.  State your career goals and explain them.
  • Academic Commitment: Explain how the topics you are currently studying that reflect your chosen degree course.  What skills have you developed: such as time management, leaderships skills etc.
  • Uniqueness: What makes your personal statement stand out?  Remember that admissions tutors read many many personal statements and yours needs to be unique and personal.

UCAS provides a great deal of information but does not furnish individual careers advice.  UCAS lists over 48,000 available courses, each with different entry requirements and expectations of skills; appointing UEE as your professional careers advisor will give you the best chance of success.

Contact UEE today and we will send you a copy of some exciting personal statement examples.

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