USA and Canada

Applying to the USA is an exciting prospect but one that requires a great deal of dedication and research. It is very important to begin your research as early as possible, ideally 18 months before you wish to apply as there are over 4000 universities/colleges in the USA. Deadlines are much earlier and vary greatly depending on the institution you apply to. The system is very different to the UK educational system and there are many forms to fill out as well as extra “projects” that might be given for you to complete in aid of your application.

There are so many choices and degree options, we are here to support you and find the right university that will match your needs.

You may also be required to take an SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test): Many top ranking colleges in the USA require SATS which involves Critical Reading, Critical Writing and Mathematics. The College does provide academic support for students who wish to take the SAT test and is done on a case by case basis. Students also need to register to take the SAT test at the earliest available opportunity at College Board.  ACT might also be mentioned and is a similar test to the SAT in terms of its aims.

You will need to check whether either IELTS or TOEFL is a requirement for entry onto your chosen course. Some institutions may accept IELTS but the majority are looking for TOEFL.

Additional Materials (Art and Design)
If you are applying for Art and Design focused courses, you will often be asked to complete certain projects set by the institution as part of the selection process or submit an essay about why you have chosen to study your chosen art and design Field. These will need to be completed to a high standard otherwise your application will be unsuccessful due to the sheer volume of applications that US institutions receive every year.

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